The Mindblowing Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing

The Mindblowing Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing

Monday 12th November 2018

Yoga is a centuries old spiritual tradition, science and art that passes on the knowledge that all life is interconnected. Now that's mindblowing!
In my yoga classes I teach in the Hatha tradition. Hatha yoga refers to a set of physically engaging exercises designed to align your skin, muscles and bones. The yoga asana or postures are a system for connecting into your physical makeup and allowing the physical body to unwind, become flexible and create space both phsically, mentally and spiritually. A flexible body encourages a flexible mind. Yoga will help maintain our flexible bodies and our flexible and spacious minds. From our own intelligence we can then begin to make practical decisions in how to work with our own bodies using the knowledge of balanced awareness, alignment and effort. The yoga asana or postures are a system for connecting into our physical makeup and allowing the physical body to unwind and find this flexibility.
So it really is simple, a regular physical, mental and spiritual yoga practice will result in empowering us, grounding us and leading us into a life where we can begin to grow in our knowledge of our own bodies and minds. All of this can happen within a yoga class and that's also mindblowing! Come along to one of my yoga classes in Walton on Thames, Weybridge or Esher and find out for yourself why yogamakesyouhappy.

Some more mindblowing stuff about yoga . . .

Yoga can help to reduce stress

Yoga can help to reduce stress both mentally and physically and bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. During a yoga class working with the asana or postures and breathwork helps to stimulate the production of our happiness hormones, the effects of this can be felt instantly and with a regular yoga practice can have a very positive effect on our mental wellbeing. The results of a recent USA study found that over 85% of people who did yoga reported reduced stress.

Yoga can help you sleep

Studies have found that yoga can help to improve your sleep quality. Yoga stimulates the relaxation response which encourages sleep and enables the body to rest, resulting in feeling less tired during the daytime. The results of a recent USA study found that over 55% of people who had a regular yoga practice reported improved sleep quality.

Yoga can help fight depression

According to mental health charity, Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems, as exercise yoga is a natural way to encourage increased serotonin - the happiness hormone. Yoga is also especially helpful because of its gentle, calming, and fluid nature. The yoga breathing exercises are also effective as yoga focuses on the practice of using deep, controlled breathing, which according to a recent USA study helps to keep stress, anxiety and the symptoms of depression under control.

Yoga can help relieve anxiety

It is fair to say most people will struggle with some form of anxiety at some point in their lives and we all know how uncomfortable it can be. But many studies have linked a regular yoga practice to a significant reduction in the feelings of anxiety. A yoga class will focus on breathing exercises, breath led asana or posture work and meditation, all of this combined can help to calm a busy mind and body and assist in letting go of unnecessary stress and tension, leading to a life of increased balance and joy.

Restorative yoga - Restore, Reflect, Refuel, Refocus - It does exactly that!

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice ♥ It is a receptive practice, not an active practice. In restorative yoga, poses are generally held for a few minutes, during these long holds the body is supported in the various postures by blankets, blocks, bricks, belts and bolsters, Restorative yoga can also boost your physical and mental wellbeing at any age or capability. Restorative yoga can easily be practiced alongside any other style of yoga and can bring greater balance to a more active practice and lifestyle. It teaches stillness of both body and mind, bringing about a greater awareness of your own body and mental clarity. Restorative yoga can also help with mental and emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, ongoing low back pain, chronic or long-term pain and overall health and well-being. I also offer regular restorative yoga workshops, the dates can be found under the classes drop down menu - mellow sunday restorative yoga workshops..

Gain all of these mindblowing mental benefits with Yoga Classes in Weybridge, Walton and Esher

The benefits and pleasure of a regular yoga practice are widely understood - yoga can improve physical strength and flexibility, improve breathing, reduce stress and enhance mental focus. It can bring about mental and spiritual wellbeing and help us to be the best version of ourselves and also help us to live the best of lives. Another mindblowing moment! So If you would like to start a regular yoga practice then please come along to a yogamakesyouhappy class, I run weekly yoga classes in Weybridge, Walton-On-Thames and Esher. My classes focus on breath awareness, breath led asana work and meditation, these practices combined can help you to gain all of the mental and spiritual wellbeing benefits mentioned and more! The classes are an open level and suitable for beginners.

Too serious?

If all of that sounds too serious, please be assured that it really isn't. There are moments of pure silliness, fun and joy in the classes - there is a certain happiness in being silly ♥ my philosophy - if you can't have fun, there's no point in doing it.

If you are interested in my restorative yoga workshops, or want to find out more about my yogaholidays, then please don't hesitate to contact me on 07944405214, or email me at