restorative yoga workshops

i run regular mellow sunday restorative yoga workshops, if you'd like to know a little more about restorative yoga please take a look at my what is restorative yoga? page under the restorative yoga heading tab, the next workshop date is sunday 20th January 2019 from 2.30 - 5 pm at

innerspace studio
walton business centre
terrace road
walton kt12 2sd

come along for a mellow sunday afternoon of healing, nurturing, slowing down and opening the body, aiming to find physical, mental and emotional relaxation and just allowing yourself to restore, reflect, refuel and refocus . . . . .

to book your space please contact me, the cost of the workshop is £25. spaces are limited. i do have bolsters and props but if you do have a yoga bolster and blanket please bring them along