what is restorative yoga?

restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice ♥
it is a receptive practice, not an active practice. in restorative yoga poses are generally held for a few minutes, during these long holds the body is supported in the various postures by blankets, blocks, bricks, belts and bolsters. the postures we practice don't differ widely from the regular yoga postures, but in restorative yoga most of the postures are practiced either lying on the back, front or side of the body. when in the postures the body is completely supported by the floor and the props, this helps to achieve the desired benefit - it could be to open up the lungs, release tension in the lower back, the shoulders or to ease physical, emotional and mental tensions.
within any style of yoga, part of the practice is about letting go of the ego. restorative yoga is no different. yoga teaches patience, devotion and faith. patience with ourselves, self love and self belief. when you apply these teachings both on and beyond the mat, the mind is better able to adjust to the stresses of everyday life and is brought into harmony with the body.
In restorative yoga the body and mind are brought into this harmony and balance and begin to communicate with each other. when you practice restorative yoga you enter into a state of deep relaxation, it is here that you can let go of physical, emotional and mental tensions and find this state of harmony and balance that will allow your body to heal and unfurl.
the development of restorative yoga poses began in 1937 with B K S Iyengar, a master yoga teacher from Pune, India. Iyengar began teaching yoga at the age of 18, while teaching he noticed his students straining in postures that could result in injury, from this Iyengar began to incorporate props into his practice so that postures could be modified and practiced without strain, helping people recovering from injury, overworking and illness in a therapeutic way. restorative yoga postures originated in the Iyengar tradition, using props to help each individual student find the alignment for each specific posture that worked best for their body in any given moment. the practice of restorative yoga has been developed into modern times by many new teachers to become the restorative yoga we practice today.
restorative yoga can easily be practiced alongside any other style of yoga and can bring greater balance to a more active practice and lifestyle. it teaches stillness of both body and mind, bringing about awareness and clarity.
we often forget that sometimes we need to just take time to relax. if you think that there is no way you can relax or find relaxation difficult, you need restorative yoga more than you know. i assure you once you get the stillness of restorative yoga - you will fall in love ♥
the date for the next mellow sunday restorative workshop will be confirmed soon and will be held at innerspace studio, terrace road, walton. from 2.30 pm - 5 pm.
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