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some of the lovely things people have said about yogamakesyouhappy in Ibiza ♥
this fills us with such gratitude for the beautiful yogis who join us . . . . . .

My first yogamakesyouhappy in Ibiza and I hope it won't be my last. Lovely location, enjoyable and varied yoga with Abra, plus good company. Add to that the opportunity to see some of the island, and the bonus of a treatment with Justine - what more could you have asked for.

PH - London

Once again I enjoyed an amazing week away in Ibiza. A lovely week, great yoga, food, company and villa. My second time away with Abra and Gary - would highly recommend. Came back chilled with lovely memories of a wonderful week. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

JB - London

I had never been on a yoga holiday before and I was very pleasantly surprised. The house was absolutely stunning, very comfortable with a bohemian vibe. We all had our own bedrooms which were large and comfortable and also our own bathrooms.
Having not done a regular yoga practice before I was concerned I may be out of my depth, but I needn't have worried, Abra made us all feel very comfortable and is an excellent teacher. We practiced each morning and evening for 2 hours each time, and I absolutely loved it! Abra is gentle and patient and nothing was hurried or rushed, on top of that we were in the open air which made our classes even more special.
Abra's husband Gary cooked breakfast each morning for us, it was different each day and delicious. He also cooked dinner on 3 evenings. What can I say, he's a excellent cook and every meal was a delight.
Our hosts know the island very well and took us out daily to show us around. However, this wasn't compulsory, and if you preferred, you could stay at the gorgeous house swimming in the pool or hanging in a hammock. We had days on the beach, we went to a hippy market, watched a sunset.
All in all, nothing was too much trouble for Abra and Gary. I felt complete welcome and felt I was staying with old friends. On top of that I am now a converted yogi! I absolutely love it and have committed to signing up for classes locally.

CW - Gloucestershire

Just been on Abra's yoga holiday to Ibiza and can highly recommend it. Everyone on the holiday were friendly and easy to be around. I felt totally nurtured throughout and have come home happy, super bendy, and flexible. Gary's food was delicious, the villa was comfy, well furnished with beautiful grounds and a swimming pool. Abra provided great variety to her yoga classes too. I can highly recommend their yoga events - totally different from any other yoga holiday I have been on. So it is true, Abra's yoga does make you happy!

JE - Surrey

This is my second year with yogamakesyouhappy in Ibiza and I couldn't recommend it more! What made me come back to it was that this is not a strict yoga retreat, but more a beach holiday with yoga twice per day, an amazing yoga teacher and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. The yoga sessions are very diverse, combining more spiritual practices with standard hatha yoga poses, all accompanied by serene music tunes and the morning/evening breeze. The villa we stayed in was incredibly quiet, had a swimming pool and it's own orchard with lemons, oranges and fig trees. We had our own room and bathroom, as well as our own cook, who served delicious and healthy food in the morning and evenings. The group was quite small and therefore between yoga classes we would go together sightseeing, for a kayak trip or for a swim. We even had parties and dancing on some evenings, we sang together and had authentic good fun! I already look forward to joining Abra & Gary again next year for another amazing yoga holiday in Ibiza!! Namaste <3

SC - London

Yoga makes you happy!! Yes it does and did in Ibiza with Abra in September. Had a very special week with a lovely group of people. Great yoga, funtimes and memories. Abra and Gary thank you for looking after us all xxx

JB - Surrey

I had a wonderful time with a really lovely bunch of people so down to earth. Each morning we immersed our selves in yoga, pranayama and mediation, I felt so light, happy and at ease, there were jokes and laughter which made the classes even more enjoyable. The food was really nice, made with love and care. We immersed ourselves in Ibizan life, well it wasn't difficult, to lie on the beach, swim in the expansive blue sea, kayak - a highlight for me, stroll the cobbled streets of Ibiza old town and watch the sun set. I had the opportunity to teach and led kirtan which was soulful and vibrational.

A truly wonderful holiday...thank you Abra and Gary xx

DB - London

Yogamakesyouhappy...there couldn't have been a more suitable name for the yoga practice with the lovely Abra. My story with Yogamakesyouhappy started around one year ago, when I began practicing yoga regularly at my local gym club, no major expectations. Yoga classes from Sunday were fine, the ones from Tuesday were fine as well, but the ones from Thursday..they had something special and I felt that from the very beginning. I remember stepping for the first time in Abra's class, all geared up for another painfully intense yoga practice, and was surprised to discover something different. A friendly and approachable yoga teacher welcomed me with a smile and a gentle warning that her class was more a restorative class rather than an intense yoga practice. You could read it in her eyes that she was not there to judge, she was not there to perform, but genuinely looked interested in creating an enjoyable and healing yoga practice. And so it was - long stretches, accompanied by divine music, lovely scented eye-bags and silky blankets. The atmosphere Abra created in the classroom was magical and surreal to me. It immediately felt like a place where I could truly unwind and let go of all my physical and emotional tensions. So I started going to Abra's classes every Thursday since then. And Abra probably doesn't know this but I often times cry during her classes.. I cry because it is not very often that I get to be kind and gentle with myself, I push myself hard in the daily corporate rat race that feels too many times overwhelming and soul destroying. And then along came yogamakesyouhappy in Ibiza . . . . .

SC - London

Going on the Ibiza yoga holiday was not something I had in plan of doing. It sounded like something I would definitely like doing some day, but as usual I was putting myself last and letting the other variable in my life dictate my schedule. At the beginning I was a bit concerned that I would have to share a room with someone I had never known before. But I trusted Abra. I had little interaction with her before the holiday, but I felt that someone with such a gift of creating magical yoga moments would definitely attract kind gentle spirits similar to hers. Now after being back from the lovely Ibiza holiday I cannot congratulate myself more for deciding to go on the Yogamakesyouhappy holiday.
First of all, Ibiza sounded like a completely different place than I discovered it to be. Despite its clubbing reputation, I discovered Ibiza as being this very creative, colourful, happy and peaceful place. Some of the beaches were pieces of heaven, as well as the luxuriant vegetation covering the entire island. During the week, we had a very balanced activity schedule. We would wake up early in the morning, when we would begin with some meditation, which was of course optional. followed by our yoga class, We would then have breakfast outside, freshly cooked by Gary, who cooks divinely I must say! After breakfast, we would all decide on a group activity plan, which you could opt out of anytime if you wanted. Some of the activities included - going to the beach, kayaking, swimming with the (jelly)fish (ouch!), silk screen printing, flamingo spotting, medieval town sightseeing etc. we would return to the villa late afternoon for the days afternoon yoga practice, which was followed by dinner, drinks and dancing by the pool. I had an amazing time!! Besides getting to know some very kind and wonderful people, I was lucky to learn new things about myself, to rediscover my passions and what I truly appreciate about life.. I am now down to earth but richer in spirit and happier to have rediscovered my true self. Thank you Abra, Gary and all the Yogamakesyouhappy yogis, you are all wonderful people and I am very grateful to have met you! Namaste <3

SC - London

Sunrises - sunsets and Yoga...
We arriived to a blue sky and warm sun. Our very comfortable huge Villa was situated on a mountain with stunning views over valleys and the bay of San Antonio.

Abra's yoga classes were nourishing - active and peaceful for the heart and soul. Practice took place in a dedicated space inside the villa- inspired by Abra and her co-teacher Dipti's passion for Yoga. Morning practice by the pool was wonderful. Chanting - dancing - breathing in the energy. A mix of Yin and Yang - inclusive practice for all and well balanced.

We were hosted by Abra and Gary so well. Great breakfasts outside and three healthy evening meals. They took care of absolutely every detail to make this holiday a happy, fun and relaxing time.

As part of a wonderful group of people - we had the best of everything because that was how they made this wonderful holiday work for us all. It could not have been better - thank you for your hard work, determination and positive vibes always.

Namaste - roll on next year!

DH & AH - Surrey

I Just wanted to send a message to you, Gary and Dipti to say a very big thank you for hosting such an enjoyable week of yoga.....Ibiza style! I loved your style of teaching - thank you for reconnecting me with my breath and introducing me to yoga-beats! ...... I have to admit to feeling a deep sense of serenity whilst at work today ....... and hope I can keep this with me!
It was a lovely group. Thank you all for making it such a special time.

TW - Hampshire