yoga information

yoga information

"we all want happiness and yoga is the way for that much needed happiness factor in life"
Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

"happiness is not the art of building a trouble free life, it is the art of responding well when trouble strikes. happiness is a way of life, an over-riding outlook composed of qualities such as courage, love, resilience and fulfillment. it is not tip toeing through the tulips of la la land and it is not something that changes every time your situation changes. it is nothing less than cherishing every day"
Dan Baker

yoga information

"there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path"

"remember that your natural state is joy"
Wayne Dyer

may i be happy
may i be healthy
may i be safe
may i live with ease

welcome to yogamakesyouhappy. with over 25 years of yoga experience, a triyoga certificate of excellence, british wheel of yoga and yoga alliance certification, my aim is quite simple - to encourage the integration of yoga into our everyday lives with a regular, spiritual, mental and physical yoga practice. i believe that yoga is for every body.
so why do yoga? the short answer is that yoga makes you feel good, practicing the postures, breath awareness and relaxation meditations makes you healthier and happier in spirit, mind and body. but also yoga allows you to tune-in, chill-out and shape up all at the same time. yoga helps improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. yoga helps to reduce stress and tension, boosts self esteem, improves concentration and creativity. yoga helps to improve circulation, stimulates the immune system and creates an overall sense of well being and calm. and that is just the surface stuff.
yoga teaches us to be in the present moment, the humble task of yoga is not to get anywhere, but to stay with the sensation of the breath feel the posture, calm the mind and experience the reality of what is. no matter where or how we live, yoga works with the raw material common to each and every one of us - our bodies, breath, mind and emotions.
a regular, spiritual, mental and physical yoga practice can be both empowering and grounding, so, the next time life feels full of mental stress and physical tension, the tools are in place to allow you to transcend these feelings and help cultivate a life of balance and joy.
come along and find out for yourself how yogamakesyouhappy.

please contact me if you would like any further information.

winnie the pooh said to piglet "what day is it?"
piglet squeaked "it's today!"
"ah" sighed pooh, "my favourite day".
popular saying inspired by aa milne and benjamin hoff

by william stafford

it could happen anytime, tornado,
earthquake, armageddon. it could happen,
or sunshine, love, salvation.

it could you know, that's why we wake
and look out - no guarantees
in this life

but some bonuses, like morning,
like right now, like noon,
like evening.

the sun never says by Hafiz

all this time
the sun never says to the earth,
"you owe me"
what happens
with a love like that,
it lights the

yoga information